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Predictively present attractive offers to your customers using Artificial Intelligence


Plug & play systems designed to be simple

High Availability

Provide resilience during infrastructure outages

Powerful Tools

Remove workload and cost around dispersed deployments


A security first design to give you peace of mind

Increase Revenue

Perfectly timed offers meet your buyers where they are

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Deeply connect with your customers by intelligently presenting products

Rapid Implementation

Can be deployed quickly and either run in parallel or immediately go live


Multiple integration options to fit existing tech stacks

Predictive Presentation

By utilizing carefully designed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software, we are able to predictively present attractive offers and options to your customers/prospects live – tailored to their needs.

See It In Action

By directly integrating with your existing customer loyalty and transactional systems we are able to increase sales revenues while improving customer satisfaction measures. Upsell can be deployed quickly and either run in parallel or go live immediately at the touch of a button. Our multiple integration options fit existing tech stacks so seamlessly that in many cases, we are able to deploy our AI software in  a week.

Start using technology to upgrade your customer experience today with Altaine’s Upsell.

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Client Testimonials

“...You guys made a complicated platform seem easy and were always there to help fix problems, add new features and to keep everything up and running… “
Program Director
“The team are proud to have worked with you on creating an award-winning programme with a customer base of millions. The team thanks you for all your hard work, passion and dedication over the last 10 years...”
Senior Excecutive

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Some of the most prestigious firms on the planet

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