20 Years & Counting...

Altaine has been at the forefront of digital commerce since 2002.

With 20 years of IP development, expertise and intelligence, Altaine has created Q-Jmp, a completely flexible platform that requires little to no-code for expansion of services and integration with best-in-class complementary services including Loyalty, Payments, POS systems etc. We eliminate years of development time and cost, enabling our customers to run highly successful digital commerce programs that maximize returns immediately.

Altaine’s modular, cloud-based middleware platform, Q-Jmp, has managed millions of transactions for some of the biggest brands on the planet. Highly scalable, with the flexibility to work from as few as 10 sites to thousands of locations, Q-Jmp offers a comprehensive suite of modules covering Pre-Order, Scan & Go, Delivery, Dynamic Pricing and much more.


Our Mission

We believe that innovation is what keeps brands alive. Our mission is to enable retailers to control their own ecosystem and modernise their e-commerce services.

We apply technology designed to improve the performance of customer-facing channels with the aim of increasing; sales revenues, purchasing frequency, and customer retention.

Delivered Fast, reasonably priced, and built around you; so your commerce engine runs as smoothly as a Swiss watch for the next decade and beyond.

We Believe

Convenience and speed is at the heart of high-volume transactions:


Why Choose Us

As the world changes, so do your customers. We bring the latest commerce technology to you without the need for hiring technical teams, conducting the research and completing a complex development.

Step Into The Future

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