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The Future Of Enterprise Commerce

For 15 Years And Counting...

Altaine helps Retailers take control of their technology ecosystem and modernise their operations. A leader in e-commerce integration, we eliminate development time and cost, transforming our customers into omni-channel businesses that deliver results quickly.

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AI Engines

Let your customers feel valued and make it easy for them to order your products. Our Modular Artificial Intelligence fits into your company like a missing puzzle piece.


Personalise every touchpoint to increase your revenue and boost customer satisfaction

Dynamic Loyalty

AI-Designed customer journeys that are unique to each person


The foundation for your e-commerce tech stack.

Q-Jmp is the software that allows Altaine’s suite of highly advanced e-commerce solutions to plug straight into your company like a missing puzzle piece, without the need for complicated setups and lengthy deployments.

Delivery Q-Mgr

Happier Staff and Happier Customers Through Simplified Order Management.

Delivery Q-Mgr is a comprehensive remote site management suite using high-availability features that provide effortless support for 1,000s of sites. Combine all of your digital order channels into one easy-to-use on-site app or printer, making order management more efficient and accurate so customers receive the outstanding service they deserve.


Frictionless Shopping

Walk in, walk out – transaction complete. Customers are able to purchase products in-store by selecting what they need and leaving. Using cutting edge Lidar and other customer recognition technologies, our frictionless shopping experience is a quick, convenient and safe way of gaining a competitive advantage over slower traditional shopping venues.

Innovation is What Keeps Brands Alive

By applying technologies designed to improve the performance of your customer facing channels, we increase sales revenues, purchasing frequency and customer retention.

Let’s improve your market share, bottom line and brand perceptions so you don’t have to spend the next three years in research and development.

Building the Future of Enterprise Commerce for 15 Years and Counting